If not for the training material that Alex provided me my freshman year, I doubt I would ever have qualified for MOP.

—Ryan Alweiss, IMO ’15, MIT ’19

During our sessions Alex was very helpful and encouraged me to find the solutions myself while giving helpful clues when I was stuck. I learned to see the patterns behind the problems and my skills drastically improved. Alex was always there to answer my questions at any point and I greatly enjoyed learning from him.

—Zack Chroman, The Nueva School ’18

Usually people who are very smart have trouble teaching concepts to others, because they never struggled to learn the concept themselves. Alex is one of those rare people who is not only smart, but can actually understand where you are as a student and guide you through the learning process.

—Andrew Cho, University of Chicago ’19

During our tutoring sessions, Alex provided the input needed for me to progress on a problem when I was stuck, but he made sure that I did as much of the thinking as possible, which really made for the most learning. He was always patient and well prepared, and I greatly enjoyed learning from Alex.

—Jonathan Yu, Princeton University ’18, USAMO qualifier

From my time as a co-captain on the math team, I’ve seen that Alex is a fantastic teacher, both persistent and methodical. He could even teach a class on teaching.

—Claire Lazar, MIT ’17, co-captain of 2012 Bergen County Academies math team